Deloitte Indonesia Research Describes Data Management and Cybersecurity
Deloitte Indonesia Research Describes Data Management and Cybersecurity

Deloitte Indonesia Research Describes Data Management and Cybersecurity

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The implementation of the Personal Data Protection Law (PDP) in Indonesia which was passed in September 2022 is appreciated by the public, including industry players. With more than 210 million active internet users, implementation of personal data management (data privacy management / DPM) plays an important role in business processes, especially for policy makers, digital business people, and the general public who are now getting used to digital services. For this reason, Deloitte Indonesia launched its latest report entitled Reforming Indonesia’s Personal Data Protection Landscape.

The Deloitte team of teams cyber from Risk Advisory Service (PT Deloitte Konsultan Indonesia/Deloitte Indonesia) together with Hermawan Juniarto Deloitte Legal, initiated the writing of a report on the PDP Law. This report is expected to be a starting point and reference in preparing various efforts to implement the PDP Law with comprehensive data management.

Cornel Juniarto, Senior Partner of Hermawan Juniarto Deloitte Lega said the importance of accountability and personal data management for every corporation, public body and international organization that processes personal data as mandated by the PDP Law.

This requires comprehensive handling related to cybersecurity and preparation of compliance principles in its implementation in various industries. “Deloitte Indonesia is ready to help business and industry grow together to drive Indonesia’s digital economy which is projected to grow to US$ 146 billion in 2025,” Cornel said in a statement in Jakarta, Thursday (26/1/2023).

The PDP Law is intended for all organizations and business people in Indonesia to guarantee their data protection rights. The hope is that this can increase the competitiveness of business people in the technology sector and encourage the growth of the digital economy as a whole.

The UUP PDP will also review every organization, institution or business actor in ensuring that the personal data of every individual who is part of it remains safe and secure. each industry sector, however, during this period, organizations and business people need to take a series of actions. Some of them are like decisive framework PDP, manufacture umbrella privacy policypreparing a framework for processing personal data as a guideline for compliance, and reviewing personal data processes to ensure compliance with the PDP Law,” Cornel explained.

Alex Siu Hang Cheung, Risk Advisory Partner Deloitte Indonesia said that the PDP Law contains several important aspects that must be considered in the data management process. So that business people can improve their industry standards to provide national digital economy players with competitiveness in the global industry.

“The data governance process contained in the PDP Law will encourage the development of new technology and innovation for every business actor because the processing and storage of data is carried out transparently and must be based on subject approval. In addition, the data controller must first obtain permission from the data subject before transferring data to other parties outside the jurisdiction of the Republic of Indonesia, so this encourages the creation of digitization in every aspect,” he explained.

For business and industry players, the implementation of personal data management / DPM is quite a challenge. Every important aspect requires integration that is right on target so that the implementation process runs without obstacles and the compliance principle can be implemented. This is Deloitte Indonesia’s big commitment in pursuing client data security for the common good,” said Alex.

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