Hukumonline Strengthens Legal Literacy and Empowers Businesses in Indonesia through Technology
Hukumonline Strengthens Legal Literacy and Empowers Businesses in Indonesia through Technology

Hukumonline Strengthens Legal Literacy and Empowers Businesses in Indonesia through Technology

Among countries in the Asia-Pacific region, Indonesia is known for having one of the most complex legal jurisdictions. This often becomes a challenge for many business actors in Indonesia. Because not only are they required to understand the legal landscape in the country, but they also need to quickly adapt to any changes in regulations and policies.

The situation becomes even more complicated when information regarding the law tends to be less accessible. This is where the presence of platforms such as Hukumonline is often seen as the right solution provider. Since 2000, Hukumonline has faithfully provided content related to law and regulation, helping to ease the work of many legal and business practitioners in Indonesia.

Over time, however, Hukumonline has also grown into more than just a legal education platform. Currently, Hukumonline also provides legal consulting services and training, as well as solutions and a technology-based regulation compliance system (reg-tech).

Trends in the reg-tech industry

Running a business in Indonesia can’t be done by only understanding market needs. Business actors are also required to be able to adapt to changes in existing regulations because this will have a direct impact on their operations and the needs of their respective customers.

Coupled with the fact that the government is always actively implementing regulatory changes and updates, business actors need the best reference to help them make good decisions while keeping the business compliant with the regulations.

Based on statistics in the Hukumonline’s database, Indonesia has at least 100,000 regulations, with around 3,000 new regulations being added annually. Imagine how much time and energy companies and legal practitioners have to spend on legal research and analysis, which will certainly affect the company’s overall performance.

The good news is, this trend encourages players in the reg-tech industry such as Hukumonline to always keep up with the market situations and needs. Legal analysis and information on regulatory updates will always be a staple for them to provide in orders to support businesses and help keep the public informed.

A platform to empower legal practitioners

For more than two decades, Hukumonline has continued to carry out its mission to help society understand more about the laws that keep this country in order. As time goes by, the types of legal content it provides have expanded, which now includes regulatory updates, as well as legal reports and analyses.

“We provide premium content not only for companies or business customers but also law firms, lawyers, the ministries, law or advocacy bureaus, institutions such as NGOs, as well as the university and academic community,” said Arkka Dhiratara, CEO of Hukumonline.

Awareness of the importance of understanding and complying with regulations among companies is increasing nowadays. This has fueled the increasing demand for legal services and information. According to Arkka, there are now more than 1,300 corporate customers who subscribe to”>Hukumonline’s regulation data center and premium content.

Arkka further explained that the key to Hukumonline’s growth lies in its commitment to maintaining the quality of the information and always being responsive in finding solutions for business needs in terms of law and regulation. The efforts it put forth ultimately paid off, as towards the end of 2022, Hukumonline won two awards from the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Association (AMSI) for Best Business Growth and Best Management.

Regulatory Compliance System

Easy access to legal information is important, but no less important for business actors is how they can continue to comply with the law that operates. This urgency of legal compliance triggered the development of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform at Hukumonline called theRegulatory Compliance System (RCS). The system is designed specifically to assist businesses in monitoring regulatory updates, identifying liabilities, and obtaining audit reports easily.

“The Regulatory Compliance System is supported by hundreds of thousands of laws and regulations from Hukumonline’s legal data center, which is connected to every level of state and regional regulations. Not only does it support companies’ legal needs for information, but the RCS also ensures companies keep up with the latest regulatory updates, ensure their business activity complies with the regulations, helps them to mitigate risk and reduce costs as well,” Arkka explained.

RCS is only one of a number of popular enterprise solutions that Hukumonline offers. It also offers the document management system Exdomabusiness entity licensing and establishment solutions Easybizas well as legal consulting and legal document creation services Justika.

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