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Legal Heroes | The Law Society

Legal Heroes | The Law Society

Being named as a Legal Hero is a rare honour reserved for the most impactful and inspiring solicitors – only a small number will be recognised each year.

Legal Heroes are solicitors who, through a particular piece of work, have:

  • made a demonstrative, lasting and tangible difference to the life or lives of others, their local community or society as a whole
  • brought distinction to the legal profession

Some examples could be someone who:

  • identified a need in their wider community and took the initiative to create solutions or support – for example, setting up a legal advice centre, a shelter or a campaign group in support of a local cause
  • established colleague networks on diversity, inclusion or mental health and was recognised within their place of work as inspiring change and delivering positive support
  • took forward and developed a new area of law or legal rights to support and protect a vulnerable community, undertaking work to right a miscarriage of justice
  • raised significant money for important legal-related causes
  • has a track record of volunteering and making a difference within their community

Within this work, the individual must have demonstrated the values at the heart of the profession of:

  • helping others in need
  • putting the interest of others first
  • outstanding leadership
  • strong and consistent teamwork

Nominations are equally welcomed for:

  • those who have carried out work as part of their paid employment or practice, for example, by acting in an important leading case
  • those who have carried out pro bono work

Eligibility is not impacted by whether an individual’s work has already received publicity.

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