Understanding health insurance | Health insurance guide

we’re on hand to answer any questions

and if you want to bounce any ideas and things

of what you’re looking for we can directly address that and get to

the best conclusion for yourself.

There’s also different discounts that we offer

such as 10% family discount, 5% couples’ discount

so you just have someone who can guide you right through that journey to make

it is comfortable and convenient for you, it’s a big deal

decision to make so it’s having that support with you all the way.

The most common question I get on the phone is

that do I have to set up the policy straight away

that is not the case, when you do call in we’ll run through the quote review over

the phone make sure that we have answered every

question that you can think of and then we can always get it sent out

to you whether that’s by post or email.

It can be personalized that one advisor

stays with you throughout the whole process

and we can also provide our personal email so if you do have any

questions once you’ve come away from the call

you can certainly bounce those questions back with us and we can

certainly help you straight away replying with

that email because it does come through directly to us.

To initially speak to us you don’t need anything, you speak to one of us

advisors and go through the whole process with you

at the point of enrolling on your policy we may ask you for further

information on your medical history if needed, but if you have all that

information to hand them there’s nothing further you’ll need.

We can then go through any more questions you have and if you’re happy

then get

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