didi louzada
didi louzada

TikTok user Aussie lawyer Monique Tavares living in the US ‘mortified’ after $9 Kmart product almost got her arrested

An Australian lawyer living in the US has described the awkward moment she was “almost arrested” after her innocent $9 Kmart product was mistaken for a gun.

Monique Tavares has been adapting to a new life abroad after moving from Sydney to Cleveland to be with her NBA fiancé Didi Louzada.

WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE: Aussie’s Kmart dilemma.

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In an amusing TikTok video, the 29-year-old expat said she was visiting a casino when two American police officers stopped her in her tracks for carrying what appeared to be a “weapon” hiding under her baggy shirt.

The object in question was a Kmart camera tripod that she had tucked into the front of her pants.

Monique Tavares was ‘mortified’ after she was ‘almost arrested’ over her innocent $9 Kmart product. credits: Monique Tavares

“I am mortified,” Monique said in horror.

“I’m new to the city and basically I live across from the casino. I was like, I’m gonna go to the casino because that’s where my closest Starbucks is and I want to get Starbucks.

“So I go to the casino, it’s my first time there, I sign in with my Australian passport and I’m chatting to the people, saying: ‘I’m new to the city’.”

‘Me? A weapon?’

After signing in, Monique started wandering around “exploring” the casino.

“I’m walking around for like one to two minutes, having a look around. I thought, ‘I’ll just grab my Starbucks and I’m going to explore my city a little bit’,” she recalled.

“Anyway, I’m walking around and I get approached by two police officers. They’re like, ‘Excuse me ma’am, we have a reason to believe that you’re concealing a weapon’.

“I’m like, ‘Me? A weapon?’ I was like, ‘Look at the size of

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