digital transformation
digital transformation

Bupa Arabia brought glory to the Saudi health insurance sector

  • Tal Nazer: Bupa Arabia faced great challenges, which he succeeded in dealing with and became a leader in the insurance sector.
  • Harvest Awards 2022: Bupa Arabia wins 23 categories from 12 regional and local awards, including 3 categories of the Health Insurance Excellence Award
  • Expectations of the growth of the health insurance sector in the Kingdom to more than SR60 billion by 2030

Jeddah: As Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance celebrates a quarter century of health service in the insurance sector in Saudi Arabia, it looks back with pride on the journey that it has traveled since its inception in October 1997. For 25 years, it served the Kingdom as one of the leading insurance companies contributing to the development of the sector at all levels, through the distinguished healthcare services for millions of its customers.

Bupa Arabia led the sector in adopting digital transformation, making it the main focus of its business, in line with the Executive Program of Vision 2030 related to improving the quality and efficiency of health services, and in accordance with the company’s strategic vision.

These remarkable efforts helped it win several awards and nominations, locally and regionally — the most recent of which is the Health Insurance Excellence Award by the Health Insurance Council in 2022.

The health insurance journey

Saudis began having insurance experience in the 1940s when the first marine insurance system was launched. However, with the boom in the economy, several agencies and branches of international insurance companies began operating in the 1970s.

Bupa Arabia played a major role in the development of the insurance sector by providing the highest levels of innovation in products and services, organizing campaigns and awareness events, and was at the forefront of insurance companies that paid great attention to digital transformation.

Also, it led

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