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Affected by layoffs, JD.ID is now closing logistics

Jakarta, IDN Times – JD.ID deactivates or terminates the services of JDL Express Indonesia, a logistics provider company affiliated with JD.ID and JD “logistics”.

JDL Express Indonesia, since its establishment in 2015, has served a variety of logistics needs for corporate clients and online sellers, from regular, tailor-made service, fullfilment, cargo, last mile to cross border last mile by prioritizing the on-site payment method (COD). and services using the card on the spot (CSOD).

“JDL Express Indonesia services will be deactivated as of January 22, 2023,” the announcement was made via the JDL Express website, quoted IDN Times.

1. If there are shipping problems, please contact here immediately

Affected by layoffs, JD.ID is now closing logisticsTelephone illustration. (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

Customers are directed to contact JDL Express Indonesia via email [email protected], mobile number 0898-4955-000 and telephone 150900, if there are delivery problems.

“If there are problems with sending your package, please contact our customer experience,” wrote JDL Express Indonesia.

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2. Development of JDL Express prior to decommissioning

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Affected by layoffs, JD.ID is now closing logisticscourier illustration ( Tankilevitch)

JDL Express Indonesia, which operates under the legal umbrella of PT Jaya Express Transindo, previously used the J-Express (JX) Indonesia brand.

Before closing, JDL Express Indonesia had 11 warehouses, more than 250 drop points, and more than 3,000 trained couriers to provide trusted and reliable services.

3. JD.ID was hit by layoffs many times

Affected by layoffs, JD.ID is now closing logisticsillustration of layoffs (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

JD.ID had previously terminated employment (PHK) for its employees which was revealed in May 2022. This step was taken in line with improvisational efforts so that the e-commerce company can continue to adapt and be in harmony with market dynamics and industrial trends in Indonesia.

“JD.ID also makes decisions such as restructuring measures, in which

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