The Medlin Law Firm Reveals A United And Dedicated Team With New Firm Photos

The Medlin Law Firm attorneys and staff pose for new firm photos this year. The latest images unveil the firm’s growing family of dedicated staff and lawyers.

The Medlin Law Firm, a criminal defense and immigration firm in Texas, poses for new firm photos this month. The images, which are featured on the firm’s website and social media profiles, show the diverse team of attorneys and staff dedicated to providing legal assistance to people in need.

It’s all smiles for the Medlin team as they welcome new lawyers and staff who are more than ready to assist with client concerns. The addition to the continuously growing family at The Medlin Law Firm showcases the firm’s dedication to improving its services and capabilities to provide assistance to clients.

Though initially focused on criminal defense, The Medlin Law Firm now has dedicated attorneys handling immigration cases.

The firm’s experienced lawyers are committed to achieving a high level of favorable results for clients. They hold true to the firm’s values of transparency, empathy, and providing the most suitable solution for people. Whether clients need help with permanent residency, U.S. citizenship, or asylum, they can seek legal counsel from attorneys at The Medlin Law Firm.

The Medlin Law Firm understands that every client faces a unique situation. By expanding its practice to immigration, the firm can now serve more people who are dealing with their own individual needs. Experienced immigration attorneys are there to ensure that they can stay in the United States lawfully and with minimal risk.

Immigration can be a complex matter for many people. It’s a sound idea to consult with an experienced immigration attorney when getting a green card, citizenship, asylum, or deportation appeal. With The Medlin Law Firm’s

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The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C. offers Legal Help In Cases Related to Medical Malpractice

The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C. offers experienced legal services in Virginia. It was founded in 2007 by Jeffrey Downey, an attorney with over 30 years of litigation experience.  The law firm has a track record of obtaining favorable verdicts and settlements with a strong emphasis on client service. Review the firm’s case results for more information. Link: (

The firm handles a limited number of cases at any given time to give the client’s case the attention is deserves. . That is why, the law firm can provide clients with the personal attention they deserve. The firm handles cases in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC.

Speaking about the firm’s consultation services, the company’s spokesperson said, “We offer a free initial consultation in our offices.  If we don’t win your case, we do not collect attorney’s fees”

Hire a Vienna personal injury lawyer from The Law Office of Jeffrey J. Downey, P.C. The firm is committed to assisting families and individuals who have been involved in various types of accidents, including car accidents, motorcycle accidents, airplane accidents, and many more. They have ample experience in the field. Mr. Downey started out as an insurance defense lawyer and now uses that experience to help his clients.

The law firm knows how insurers are likely to defend their position and how they can counter that for exceptional results. Thus, clients can be confident of getting outstanding legal services. See what the firm’s clients have to say about the law firm. Link (

Speaking about medical malpractice, the company’s spokesperson said, “Medical malpractice typically refers to negligence claims against hospitals, doctors, and other healthcare providers. In Washington, D.C., and Virginia, medical malpractice victims can file lawsuits against responsible parties to receive financial compensation for their lost

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Legal tech, innovative marketing and good cash flow are key to successful personal injury practice

He added that he had to “learn a lot over the last while out of necessity, how to run a business and engage in effective marketing.”

One of the biggest challenges when you’re a new lawyer starting a law firm, he said, is that “you don’t have a lot of money to start, you don’t have access to a great number of resources to compete with the bigger law firms you are going up against, who have already established themselves.”

For Rudder, that meant finding innovative ways to market his skills without spending money on Google or Facebook ads. Instead, he uses a method called “earned traffic marketing” that “doesn’t require writing a check” but does require an investment of time. In his case, that meant writing a book on personal injury law, Catastrophic Impairment Law in Canada. He also uses social media, such as TikTok, to spread information about his firm and its services.

Also, because Rudder doesn’t have “an army of people” working for him, he depends on client intake software to redirect clients to his website. Once there, “as soon as they give me any information and want to book an appointment, I get notified, and from that point on, my job is to move them from being a lead to a retained client.”

To do that, Rudder said, you must earn the potential client’s trust. To do that involves answering their questions, often with videos that he has already created that deal with various aspects of personal injury law.

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Morgan & Morgan tells its lawyers to offer insurance carriers no courtesies

Insurance companies may be celebrating a change in Florida law intended to limit aggressive litigation. But the state’s largest personal injury law firm will give carriers no quarter.

A Morgan & Morgan the company-wide memo suggests the firm’s only adjustment in legal strategy will be to push defendants harder.

“As we enter this new era, I want to make it unequivocally clear that we will not be giving an inch to carriers ever again,” wrote Matt Morganthe firm’s morgan/”managing partnerand Reuven Moskowitzthe firm’s Chief Operating Officer. “Not one inch.”

The memo says lawyers are not authorized to grant extensions to attorneys representing insurers.

“They can figure it out or file a motion,” the executives wrote. “Under no circumstances will we be agreeing to any continuity, discovery extensions, or request to extend (the) deadline to answer complaints.”

Describing “red line rules” for the new legal environment, Morgan and Moskowitz said it would be a “serious internal offense if we find any courtesies being extended to the insurance industry.”

That posture goes across the board, including for any litigation that predates the March and the Legislative Session.

The Legislature approved a massive tort package (HB 837) that became the first bill passed in Session to be signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

The bill eliminates the requirement that policyholders cover attorneys’ fees for any party prevailing in a lawsuit against an insurance company.

While lawmakers stressed that Florida statute still allows avenues for plaintiffs to recover court costs, trial lawyers stressed that it’s less likely in cases where parties settle, the outcome of a vast majority of lawsuits against carriers.

It’s clear from the memo that lawyers take the change personally.

“We may want to help the human being defense attorney because we know them

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Morris Bart lawyers to screen misdemeanor gun charges for DA | courts

The “exponential increase” in guns on the streets has led the Orleans Parish district attorney’s office to bart/article_ee2f178e-bac9-11ed-8419-63a88d2ecf2b.html”drafts of Morris Bart’s civil law firm for free help in screening cases for prosecution.

“When you’re the murder capital of the world, you have to start thinking differently,” District Attorney Jason Williams said Tuesday in announcing the unusual partnership. “As opposed to pointing fingers, [Bart] saw a need.”

A team of at least six lawyers affiliated with Bart, a personal injury lawyer regionally famous for his prolific advertising, are reviewing police reports on misdemeanor weapons arrests and making non-binding recommendations on whether prosecutors should file formal charges, Williams said.

Hoping to curb violence

Williams said he hopes the screening assistance helps his prosecutors move faster through those cases and, eventually, curb shootings and other violent crimes.

In a city where the number of murders has been Increasing for more than three years, Bart said his firm won’t be paid for its public work. Instead, he said of the partnership, “I wanted to step up. I wanted to do something very meaningful.”

Dane Ciolino, a professor of legal ethics at Loyola University, called the arrangement “unusual but not unethical.” And he hailed the partnership: “Anything you can do to get the community and lawyers in the community more involved in public safety – it’s a good thing.”

Gun cases dismissed

The announcement came two weeks after one of Williams’ division heads, Emily Maw, unilaterally dismiss gun complaints against nine people in Magistrates Court on Mardi Gras. Williams has called her decisions williams-raps-deputy-emily-maw-over-gun-releases/article_eead9262-b3da-11ed-941b-cf51b5f38cb0.html””improper and unrepresentative of office policy.” But he denied Tuesday that her actions prompted him to sign up for Bart’s firm for help.

Bart was the

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Injury lawyer suspended 30 months for gerry after pandemic fraud claims dropped

Michael Yi

Michael Yi became a lawyer in 2005 and worked as a city prosecutor in Aurora for seven years before starting his own law firm. (LinkedIn)

A personal injury lawyer in Aurora will lose his law license for two-and-a-half years after admitting that he forged his brother’s signature on more than a dozen documents.

Meanwhile, state investigators have dropped allegations that Michael Yi defrauded the unemployment system and Paycheck Protection Program during the pandemic.

Yi has been licensed to practice law in Colorado since 2005. After seven years as an Aurora city prosecutor, he started Michael Yi & Associates, an injury law firm with a focus on helping Asian clients, in 2012. The firm also has a Colorado Springs office.

“We are proud of the high legal and ethical standards that have been established by our firm and the tradition of excellence that we work to maintain,” the firm’s website states.

According to the Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, which investigates wrongdoing by lawyers, Yi was employing five people at the firm when the pandemic arrived in March 2020. The office initially alleged that he told them to collect unemployment benefits — and to keep working.

“From March 2020 to August 2020, knowing these employees were receiving unemployment benefits, (Yi) did not pay these employees even though they were working for him full-time,” Attorney Regulation Counsel staff alleged in an August 2022 complaint.

Yi also received a PPP loan while he wasn’t paying employees, that complaint alleged.

The document accused Yi of a dozen ethics violations, including using the notary stamp of his brother and forging his brother’s signature “on at least 14 different clients’ settlement documents.” Yi committed three crimes as a result, the complaint said.

Yi, through his attorneys, responded to the accusations in October. He

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Generative AI Tools Will Upend Legal Services: The Morning Minute

AI HAS ENTERED THE CHAT – When the artificial intelligence research and deployment company OpenAI released ChatGPT—a “chatbot” that responds to users’ prompts with complex, human-like accuracy—for public use in December 2022, they unleashed a new era of technology frenzy that no one saw coming . US’s Stephanie Wilkins writes in this week’s Barometer newsletterit’s not a question of if generative AI will impact legal professionals, it’s just a question of how and when. But regardless of the application, helping—not replacing—humans is the goal. As Gaurav Oberoi, CEO of Lexion, which has already created an AI Contract Assist feature, was careful to stress: “The human is still very much at the center. You’re not eliminating the expert, you’re augmenting the expert.” To receive the Barometer directly to your inbox each week, click here.

A FIRM OUT OF TIME – Shortly after the dot-com bubble burst in the early 2000s, Shearman & Sterling was still a marquis name in the legal community. The firm, then ranked No. 5 in the Am Law 100, was high-priced, effective and had a market reputation as a firm that you called. But Shearman’s trajectory—a one-time Wall Street darling to now actively courting merger options to gain scale and thrive—contrasts with that of several of its New York peers, which advanced their profit and platform in the last two decades to gain considerable scale and stay in the Am Law 20, according to an analysis by So what happened? “The market changed, and [Shearman] did not,” Tim Corcoran, a long-time legal industry consultant, told’s Patrick Smith. “It seems to me they’ve been resting on their laurels.”

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Alternative Legal Services Market Tops $20 Billion

Welcome to Bloomberg Law’s Wake Up Call, a daily rundown of the top news for lawyers, law firms, and in-house counsel.

  • The market for alternative legal services grew 45% in the two fiscal years through 2021 to reach $20.6 billion in revenues, as law firms and corporate legal departments increased their use of them, according to a new report. Independent providers at about $18 billion in revenues and the Big Four accounting firms, at $1.5 billion, still lead the market, but so-called law firm captive units are growing the fastest as a segment, the report said. (Thomson Reuters)
  • Husch Blackwell’s liability insurance is covering the $62 million awards the firm recently got tagged with by an arbitration panel over its representation of an engineering firm whose bid on Kansas City, Missouri’s airport construction failed. That’s according to a report citing an internal email sent by the firm‘s leaders. (Above The Law)
  • Twitter Inc.’s former chief legal officer Vijaya Gadda and deputy general counsel James Bakerboth fired by Elon Musk, are slated to testify next week to a House committee. The committee is investigating the social media platform’s handling of reports on President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden. (Associated Press)
  • Houston police said two people who died in a murder-suicide last week were both associates at law firms. One of them was at Chamberlain Hrdlicka. (Houston Chronicle)

Lawyers, Law Firms

  • New Jersey federal courts are starting to make a headway on case backlogs that piled up during the pandemic. Some attorneys think the district still needs more judges. (New Jersey Law Journal)
  • A Texas judge ruled that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton must face an ethics lawsuit by state attorney regulators over a case Paxton filed challenging results
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Top law firms King & Wood Mallesons and Herbert Smith Freehills look to improve relationships with employees

She agreed it was a “two-way street, and that employers also needed clarity: “Absolutely. A big focus for us has been the people value experience and making sure we are very clear about that…”

Ms Lattey said KWM had been “very supportive over the past little while in making sure we are doing everything for our people”.

“In some of the conversations I have had, they are interested in getting more clarity around what it means to be at KWM.

“There has been a period of trusting people and I think that that is still an incredibly important part of this. But I do think that they’re looking to us: ‘OK, tell me what you’re all about. Tell me what I can expect from you, and be really clear on that.’”

Lawyers could be “incredibly driven people”, Ms Lattey said.

“They want to know where the guard rails are; what does success look like at a place like KWM.”

Mr Pike said HSF had embarked on a global project with staff, with the results to be revealed in late March.

Andrew Pike of law firm Herbert Smith Freehills: “To get clarity on both sides is important.” Louie Douvis

“The essence of it is, what does HSF at its best look like, and how can we all play our part in that,” said Mr. Pike.

“All 27 of our offices are part of it. I think, really, one of the real benefits of being part of a global firm, is that we all learn from the diverse perspectives in different regions.

He also said clarity on both sides – employee and employer – was needed.

“I think that’s a dialogue that everybody welcomes – to get clarity on both sides is important,” he said.

Mr Pike cited the training

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The Perecman Law Firm, PLLC

Photo: Courtesy of the firm

The Perecman Firm, PLLC is recognized as one of New York City’s premier plaintiffs’ personal injury and workers’ compensation law firms. Since 1984, the firm’s award-winning attorneys have recovered more than half a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements in high-stakes claims involving construction accidents, motor vehicle accidents, workplace injuries, premises liability and wrongful death.
The Perecman Firm is led by David H. Perecman, winner of the Best Lawyers 2022 Lawyer of The Year award for Personal Injury Litigation in Long Island, and selectee many years in a row to Super Lawyers, The Best Lawyers in America and The National Trial Lawyers Top 100. The firm is known for its personalized and relentless approach to handling cases and for its roster of proven trial lawyers who have earned professional distinctions, including multiple attorneys selected to New York Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers “Ones to Watch.” The firm is ranked among US News – Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” and has secured numerous results published in the New York Law Journal’s Top Verdicts & Settlements list.
“When asked what single factor has led to our results, the answer is unbridled passion,” says Founding Attorney David Perecman. “It’s a nice feeling when in winning a case you know that you have helped rebuild someone’s life.”
We serve clients across New York in personal injury and workers’ compensation matters, and offer free consultations.

New York Office:
250 West 57th Street, Suite 401, New York, NY 10107

Long Island Offices:
500 North Broadway, Suite 161, Jericho, NY 11753


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