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Does International Health Insurance Cover Mental Health?

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It’s important that we consider our mental health in the same way that we look after our physical health. Most people will experience some level of mental health challenges throughout their lives, so it’s vital that we take care of ourselves.

Expats abroad will often take out international health insurance to ensure their physical health can be looked after while they are overseas. But they might not always consider their mental health, plus it’s not always clear whether health insurance policies include mental health. Below, we investigate what expats should consider when looking for an international health insurance policy for their mental health.

Are mental health illnesses included in international health insurance?

Each international health insurance policy will differ. Some providers will include mental health related issues, whilst others will not. It’s vital that you check the working of each policy carefully to ensure you find the right one for your situation.

Often mental health issues aren’t included in international health insurance as standard, but you can add them to your policy as an extra. This will usually require paying a premium.

If you have received treatment for mental health in recent years, such as visiting a therapist or psychologist, a provider may count this as a pre-existing condition and will not cover you.

What mental health issues could be covered in international health insurance?

Some international health insurance policies will detail what sort of illnesses will be covered by the policy.

Many policies that include mental health cover will include PTSD as a claimable event. PTSD is a disorder that can occur when people experience a highly distressing or traumatic event.

PTSD can be experienced by all sorts of people but is commonly seen in those who work

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