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Jonathan Rosenfeld’s journey in personal injury law

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC

Jonathan Rosenfeld

Photo provided by Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC

Jonathan Rosenfeld is a leading Chicago personal injury attorney representing individuals and families during some of the darkest hours of their lives. He has dedicated his career to advocating for accident victims injured due to negligence of others. Even though he cannot undo the harm done to the victims, he believes fighting for their compensation enables them to take care of themselves and their families.

Rosenfeld’s journey as an attorney began when he enrolled at Chicago-Kent College of Law to pursue his passion for helping others. “Since my days as a clerk in law school, I have always been involved in different aspects of personal injury law and have never looked back,” he says. On most occasions, law school and work experiences prepare lawyers to ‘practice’ law, but a unique desire to help the injured transformed some lawyers into advocates of the voiceless in the community, and Rosenfeld is one of them. During his study, he worked at the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, where he honed his skills as a litigator.

After obtaining his law degree, Rosenfeld began working at a prominent personal injury law firm in Chicago. He developed a unique approach to client advocacy that prioritized open communication and collaboration between attorneys and clients. “When I became a personal injury lawyer, I made a vow to myself and every one of my future clients: I would never forget that every client and every case is unique and deserves to be handled with respect and attention to detail,” he shared.

In 1995, Rosenfeld founded a Chicago-based Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC, a team of top trial attorneys committed to providing the best representation of handling personal injury cases for individuals and families seriously injured or killed in accidents. “For nearly

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A Chicago-based firm committed to client education and empowerment

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC

Jonathan Rosenfeld

Photo provided by Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC

In the heart of Chicago, IL, there’s a personal injury law firm that distinguishes itself from the rest: Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers LLC. Led by Chicago personal injury attorney Jonathan Rosenfeld, this practice has made a name for itself by prioritizing client education and empowerment. By providing clients with comprehensive information on frequently asked questions, case values, and sample recoveries, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers has transformed the legal experience for countless individuals in the Windy City.

Jonathan Rosenfeld, a seasoned attorney with over 25 years of experience, specializing in personal injury and medical malpractice law. Having managed thousands of cases from intake through settlement or trial, he possesses a unique perspective on the importance of client education. He is not only an actively practicing lawyer but also a businessperson deeply involved in marketing and business generation for the firm.

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Rosenfeld’s passion for personal injury law stems from his genuine desire to help people at a low point in their lives. He firmly believes that while he cannot undo the damage done, securing full compensation for his clients enables them to take care of themselves and their families. His dedication to building lasting relationships with his clients is evident, as many of his first clients continue to refer business to him.

Amid the increasing competition in the field, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers sets itself apart by consistently delivering exceptional results and focusing on client education. The firm’s commitment to creating content with the client in mind, rather than merely selling services, distinguishes it from others in the industry. By offering extensive information on FAQs, case values, and sample recoveries, Rosenfeld Injury Lawyers helps clients understand their options, fostering deeper engagement.

This Chicago-based personal injury law firm embraces the city’s

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NYC E-Bike Personal Injury Lawyer Answers

What Should Your Compensation Include In A Personal Injury Case Involving An E-Bike? NYC Personal Injury Lawyers Answer

New York, NY –News Direct– Prodigy Press Wire

In any personal injury case involving an e-bike, compensation should include medical expenses, future medical expenses, and the cost of rehabilitation.

A good attorney should know how to obtain all the compensation you deserve in any personal injury case.

in this article, Glenn and Robin Herman, NYC-based e-bike personal injury lawyers specializing in bicycle and e-bike accident cases, break down the three areas for which you should be compensated.

Medical expenses. You should be compensated for all medical costs incurred due to the accident. This should include ambulance rides to medical facilities, surgeries, medical equipment, follow-up visits to your doctor’s office, prescriptions, and other medical costs.

Future medical expenses. The settlement or verdict should include all future medical costs incurred due to the accident. It is unlikely that you will have seen the full extent of the accident’s healthcare costs by the time your lawsuit is filed.

The cost of rehabilitation. Physical therapy and other forms of rehabilitation can be costly, so past and future expenses must be factored into your settlement or verdict. Similarly, an e-bike accident may require rehabilitation services such as physical therapy.

Other areas of compensation include lost wages, loss of potential future earnings, pain and suffering, and wrongful death.

If you’ve been injured in an e-bike accident, our e-bike personal injury lawyers in New York City can help you get the compensation you deserve. Fill out this form for a free online consultation. Alternatively, you can reach us at 718-590-5616 for our Bronx locations and 212-966-1928 for our Manhattan locations.

Source: Compensation in a NYC E-Bike Accident – New York City Personal Injury Attorneys

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How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You Reach a Settlement?


Whether you suffered a car accident, a slip and fall, or any type of event that resulted in a personal injury, the party responsible for your injury can be held liable for your losses. With a personal injury lawyer by your side, you can recover the damages you are entitled to.

Contact a personal injury attorney in New York to learn more. Here is how a personal injury lawyer can help you fight your damages.

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Having a lawyer by your side is a great benefit during legal disputes. Most personal injury cases settle outside the court, but this is mainly because of a lawyer’s negotiation skills, knowledge of the law, and how they build your case.

When working with a lawyer, you show that you mean business. The insurance company or the at-fault party knows that they can’t take advantage of you. In many instances, an insurance company might offer you less than what you deserve if you don’t have a lawyer.

An at-fault party might also tempt you not to pursue a personal injury claim by offering you money, but more often than not, that amount will be nowhere near what you actually deserve.

Someone who breaches their duty of care and ends up hurting you due to their negligence can be held accountable for your physical and emotional injuries. This is where a good lawyer can step in and showcase what you are truly owed.

Personal Injury Lawyers and Settlements

A personal injury lawyer can speak directly with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you receive the necessary support. They can gather reports and the evidence needed for your case and establish the true cost of your injuries.

Personal injury lawyers can speak with expert

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How Splatt lawyers are helping with Compensation and Personal Injury?

There are so many legal issues that only a personal injury lawyer can handle efficiently. However, without knowing a reliable place to hire them, it can be frustrating for your loss. The reason is that many lawyers are not expensive, but they also don’t guarantee the success of the claim!

If you are looking for a personal injury lawyer who can bring you a positive result for your case, Splatt lawyers will never let you down. They are helping with compensation and personal injury loss and they are also offering 28+ years of quality experience that assures you of the best results.

There are a handful of types of personal injury cases including medical malpractice Logan Lawyers of Splatt association can handle. But before we see what Splatt lawyers are offering you, let’s have a quick look at what personal injury compensation is and its types. Keep scrolling!

Personal Injury Cases

If your case is authentic, there are more chances of you winning. Personal injury and compensation rely on an accident that involves negligence of someone else’s behavior or act.

Majorly, personal injury cases fall into the category of vehicle accidents and motorcycle and truck accidents. Therefore, getting monetary compensation becomes more transparent and sensible. In vehicle compensation, personal injury lawyers also efficiently handle aviation accidents, bike accidents, mass transportation accidents, boating accidents, and pedestrian accidents.

In personal injury, the lawyer also handles cases of premises liability, including negligent security, slips, and fall accidents, animal bites and attacks, nursing home abuse and neglect, and construction accidents.

The fact is, when you’re out of your house, the possibility of getting hurt, especially due to someone else’s negligence becomes highlighted. However, access to the best personal injury and compensation lawyer

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