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Bivitri Reveals Authoritarianism Covered in Law, Legal but Can Be Dangerous

JAKARTA, – High School Academics Law (STH) Indonesia Jentera, Bivitri Susanti revealed, there are symptoms of the existence of laws that seem to solve the root of the problem but instead legalize corrupt and undemocratic practices.

Bivitri said that she put the matter into a themed article autocratic legalism published in Kompas Daily with the title “Authoritarianism Wrapped in Law”.

This was conveyed by Bivitri when highlighting indicators world justice project-rules of lawone of the indicators in measuring the corruption perception index (IKP) or corruption perceptions index (CPI) of a country.

This indicator highlights executive, legislative, judicial, police and military officials who use their positions for personal gain.

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“So everything that is given a foundation law it seems to have legitimacy. So it starts with legalism,” said Bivitri at a press conference for the launch of the CPI in the Thamrin area, Central Jakarta, Tuesday (31/1/2023).

For information, the CPI measures perceptions of corruption in the public sector.

CPI was released by Transparency International (TI) by ranking 180 countries with the level of corruption in the world. A country with a score of 0 means very prone to corruption while 100 is free of corruption.

According to Bivitri, currently there are people who are aware or understand the law and know the loopholes for personal gain.

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In trouble autocratic legalism In this case, he highlighted how the restrictions on power were precisely trimmed.

“So it’s called autocraticthat is the opposite of democracy,” he said.

Bivitri said that there were at least four oversights that had been deflated, namely, the weakening of the DPR and the weakening of civil society.

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