medicaid program
medicaid program

Best Cheap Health Insurance for Young Adults

If you are a young adult, you may, for the first time, need to find your own health insurance policy. However, there are great options for those in their teens and 20s that provide comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. When shopping for health insurance as a young adult, you should consider your own specific situation with respect to your age, income and life stage.

For example, a millennial who may be starting a family might require a different type of health insurance policy than a single person starting their first job and living alone. Therefore, it is critical to evaluate your own life and then carefully review policies so you can find the best option available.

Free health insurance options for young adults

We recommend first considering health insurance policies that you may be eligible for that have no cost. This includes either a company plan provided by your employer or being eligible for the federally funded Medicaid program.

Employer-sponsored health care

One of the best free or low-cost health insurance options for young adults would be acquiring coverage through an employer’s health plan that is fully paid for. This is not as common as it used to be since health care costs are rising and employers are requiring their employees to pay a portion of the premium. However, employer-sponsored plans can still be a cheap optionas most employers will pay the larger portion of the premiums for your health care.

Typically, if you select employer coverage, your portion of the premium will be taken out of your paycheck pretax. Employer-sponsored health care will provide coverage for you and any dependents that you have, which is similar to many other types of health care that you should consider.


Another free or low-cost option for health insurance,

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