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Service Providers 2022 | Australasian Lawyer

Enabling a digital upgrade for the legal profession

As the COVID-19 pandemic drove people into the safety of their homes, the legal profession had to reinvent the way it operated. Services could no longer be offered manually; thus, automation became critical to the operations of law firms and organisations.

This need for an operational overhaul has resulted in the birth of new legal service providers and a revitalisation of existing ones. Some providers expanded on their available offerings, capitalising on the increased use of Microsoft apps and communications platforms like Zoom. In some cases, lawyers and law firms themselves took their understanding of what people in the profession needed from their service providers and set about meeting those needs themselves.

Service providers that thrived during the pandemic acted quickly in identifying the needs of the market at a specific time and then rolling out the appropriate products and service in response. They were also able to pivot effectively in an environment that has been constantly changing, and have embraced the new standards of working.

“More and more, businesses are requiring a more cash-flow-sensitive approach to legal solutions that are payable in monthly instalments rather than as a lump-sum legal matter”

Justine Zhou and Zile Yu, Quantum Cover


Going digital

One thing that has traditionally slowed legal work down is the need for lawyers to manually tackle menial tasks. Given the inability to go to the office, digitalisation became key to lawyers still being able to do their work – and eventually to, in some ways, do it better than before.

“I’d always known that legal work could be done a lot better, and that technology could help – I just didn’t know how to do it for most of my career,” says

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