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Triweka Rinanti, SH., MH Managing Partner Law Firm Triweka Rinanti & Partner

Jakarta, – Advocate or lawyer profession is a noble and honorable profession (officium nobile). The duties and obligations of an advocate are to help others regardless of ethnic background, religion or class. Of course, by carrying out this profession, an advocate can help people to seek and obtain justice. This was stated by senior lawyer Triweka Rinanti, SH., MH.

The profession of a lawyer for Triweka is not just a career but more of a calling to uphold justice, and is highly committed to fighting for the truth. Because of that, success and achievement after achievement has been inscribed. He and his Triweka Rinanti & Partner, Advocates and Consultants (TRP) Law Firm Team, never stop providing quality legal services and the best services, in order to maintain the trust that has been given by clients.

Out of the 4 law enforcement dynasties in Indonesia, namely the Police, Prosecutors, Judges and Advocates, only advocates are not paid by the state. Only advocates have independence in handling cases according to their expertise. “This means that only advocates have high flexibility regarding the cases they handle, both the time and working hours and the amount of fees received. Apart from that, being a lawyer means that you are also required to continue learning and improve your expertise in the field of law. Because the practice of the advocate profession is very dynamic, broad and diverse,” explained Triweka.

Endless Work

Triweka’s high anxiety at seeing the injustice and helplessness of the common people when they are faced with the law, becomes their strongest motivation and encouragement to keep fighting and working endlessly. It is her actions and actions that have inspired and been emulated by many other women, both in building and pursuing a career, as well as in living life. Triweka also

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