upfront costs
upfront costs

What Does “Contingency” Mean When You Hire a Car Wreck Injury Attorney?

Paying upfront for a car wreck injury attorney in San Antonio isn’t an easy option for everyone. Instead, many choose to use a contingency fee arrangement. In this situation, the attorney is paid a percentage of the compensation total awarded to the client. If the client’s case is lost, the attorney will not receive payment.

Benefits Of Hiring a Car Wreck Injury Attorney in San Antonio on Contingency

No Upfront Costs

Paying for an attorney’s time upfront can be a huge expense, and fear of this stops many from hiring legal help at all. If you’re struggling to cover medical bills after a car accident, a contingency fee can be a huge financial relief.

For many clients, it can be the difference between getting help now or waiting too long. In Texas, you generally have two years to pursue legal compensation after a car accident. By removing the barrier of upfront costs, you can hire a lawyer sooner and pursue fair compensation.


A contingency fee arrangement makes it easier for a lot of clients to believe in their lawyers. Clients know that their lawyer is taking on as much risk as they are in the situation. With the lawyer’s payment depending on the success of the case, it’s easier to believe that they’re motivated to get results.

Clients who trust their lawyers often have an easier time navigating the legal system. They spend less time second-guessing their decisions because they know they’ve consulted a good source.

Best Compensation Possible

The contingency fee that your lawyer earns will be a percentage of the compensation awarded. This means that your lawyer will earn more money the larger your compensation is. When you hire a car wreck attorney on

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