vodafone employees
vodafone employees

Vodafone introduces comprehensive health insurance service for employees

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Medicover Corporate Health Insurance is now available for Vodafone Hungary’s employees, allowing them to access a wide range of healthcare services free of charge.

The health insurance provides a once-yearly health check-up and a personalized preventive screening package, as well as additional laboratory and diagnostic tests, outpatient care, and outpatient surgery, all covered by the employer’s health insurance package.

The benefit is free of charge for Vodafone employees and the cost is covered by the company, but employees can also include their immediate family members (spouse, partner, children) in the insurance for a reduced premium. In terms of the content of the packages, this is a rarity even compared to insurance offered by large domestic companies.

“As a leading company, one of Vodafone’s priorities is to take forward-looking steps and set an example to preserve and improve employee well-being. That is why we are constantly working to create the best possible working conditions for our colleagues and to help maintain work-life balance and thus the mental and physical well-being of our employees,” said ron Berkes, Vodafone Hungary HR Director.

As part of its strategy to strengthen employee satisfaction and commitment to the company, Vodafone Hungary says that it is constantly working to introduce a wide range of measures that respond to direct feedback from employees and support their overall wellbeing. The company introduced 16 weeks of paid parental leave in 2020, which can be requested by the father if the mother takes state-subsidized maternity leave and by the mother if the father takes it, allowing both parents to spend time with their newborn. The extra leave has already been claimed by 111 Vodafone employees.

Also in order to maintain work-life balance, Vodafone moved to a hybrid working schedule in July 2021 in response to

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