Triweka Rinanti, SH., MH Managing Partner Law Firm Triweka Rinanti & Partner
Triweka Rinanti, SH., MH Managing Partner Law Firm Triweka Rinanti & Partner

Triweka Rinanti, SH., MH Managing Partner Law Firm Triweka Rinanti & Partner

Jakarta, – Advocate or lawyer profession is a noble and honorable profession (officium nobile). The duties and obligations of an advocate are to help others regardless of ethnic background, religion or class. Of course, by carrying out this profession, an advocate can help people to seek and obtain justice. This was stated by senior lawyer Triweka Rinanti, SH., MH.

The profession of a lawyer for Triweka is not just a career but more of a calling to uphold justice, and is highly committed to fighting for the truth. Because of that, success and achievement after achievement has been inscribed. He and his Triweka Rinanti & Partner, Advocates and Consultants (TRP) Law Firm Team, never stop providing quality legal services and the best services, in order to maintain the trust that has been given by clients.

Out of the 4 law enforcement dynasties in Indonesia, namely the Police, Prosecutors, Judges and Advocates, only advocates are not paid by the state. Only advocates have independence in handling cases according to their expertise. “This means that only advocates have high flexibility regarding the cases they handle, both the time and working hours and the amount of fees received. Apart from that, being a lawyer means that you are also required to continue learning and improve your expertise in the field of law. Because the practice of the advocate profession is very dynamic, broad and diverse,” explained Triweka.

Endless Work

Triweka’s high anxiety at seeing the injustice and helplessness of the common people when they are faced with the law, becomes their strongest motivation and encouragement to keep fighting and working endlessly. It is her actions and actions that have inspired and been emulated by many other women, both in building and pursuing a career, as well as in living life. Triweka also cares a lot and always encourages women everywhere to be empowered, to be independent, and to be prosperous. She herself has become proof that women are very capable and capable of achieving success.

Triweka is proud when a woman chooses to have a career independently, relying on herself and not depending on anyone. Especially in this modern era, with a career, of course, it will increase our financial capabilities and confidence as women who are equal to men.

Triweka also wants to inspire other Indonesian women. One way is through social media. He hopes that his activities can be positive inspiration and learning for all Indonesian people. “I also encourage, especially Indonesian women, to be able to be independent and able to actualize themselves in any field. Be the best in that field,” said the wife of Ir Wisdarmanto Gitosajono.

In the world of advocates, the biggest challenge actually comes from the behavior of clients who sometimes try to urge advocates to use inappropriate ways of handling a case or cases. “So, I deal with it by conveying to the client at the outset that I am only obedient and subject to legal rules and professional ethics that I live by in handling a case. It’s not uncommon for me to refuse clients who want to use my services if the client’s wishes are against my conscience, ” said Triweka, which has a target of being able to contribute and benefit society.

Triweka admits that he has contributed to advancing the advocate profession by being active for decades in the management of the Advocate Organization as the Kagama Legal Aid Advisory Board, General Treasurer of the Indonesian Advocates Association.

Sirah Travel ‘Your Travel Companion’

The development of halal tourism, special umrah and haj pilgrimages, is becoming a trend so that several travel agents focus on this business. Triweka is no exception, who founded PT Pelita Kencana Buana in 2016 with the concept of the Sirah Travel brand. Sirah (Arabic Siroh) means history. Signifying that Sirah Travel does not only provide maximum halal tourism services, Umrah and Hajj services, but also historical knowledge and wisdom so that every tour is meaningful.

Carrying the tagline ‘Your Travel Companion’, Sirah Travel is a legal tourism and Umrah pilgrimage service agency with professional and meaningful services. Therefore, Triweka focuses on providing satisfying, inspiring and meaningful halal tourism services. Also delivering Umrah and Hajj pilgrims to prosperity with wisdom in every journey.

The services offered by Sirah Travel are very complete. Such as the Umrah & Hajj Service Packages which consist of Economical Umrah Packages, Regular Umrah Packages, VVIP Umrah Packages, Advanced Umrah Packages (Turkey, Dubai, Aqsha, Cairo, Morocco, Spain), Special Hajj Packages (Plus), and Furoda Hajj Packages ( Set off). There are also Halal Tour Service Packages consisting of Domestic Tour Packages, International Tour Packages, and Study Tour Tour Packages. Also Travel Document Services, namely Making Passport and Visa, as well as Ticket and Hotel Reservations.

In this Sirah Travel business, Triweka together with Yoyo, Fadly, Rindra (Padi Reborn Personnel) who have the same vision and mission want to build a worship business, namely Hajj Umrah Travel and halal tourism. Padi Reborn band personnel are not in the context of endorsements, but these young people are directly involved from the ownership of shares to handling the management. Yoyo Padi as Main Director, Fadly Padi as Director of Operations, and Rindra Padi as Marketing Director of Sirah Travel.

“Besides Umrah and Hajj, there are also halal tours. Turkey is already scheduled for this February, and also to Jerusalem. Halal tourism is specifically for those who are Muslim, and its destinations are also to Muslim-majority countries such as Turkey and Jerusalem. What is prioritized from this tour is worship, so definitely stop by the mosque, “explained Triweka.

Surah Travel also accepts non-Muslim members who wish to travel to other countries such as Japan, Thailand, Jerusalem and others, and Yoyo, Fadli, Rindra also immediately step in to become tour leaders.

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