elder abuse
elder abuse

Legal Aid Alberta says family violence on the rise

EPO is different from a restraining order in that the EPO is only granted in situations of family violence.

However, just like a restraining order, it prevents a violent family member from contacting or getting close to the claimant.

Christina Riddoch, a staff lawyer at Legal Aid Alberta’s Edmonton office, stated in a June 14 news release that most people filing EPOs are women, “and most of those are women with young children.”

“They’re trying to escape an abusive husband or boyfriend – a situation that may have been exacerbated by isolation requirements or stay-at-home orders during the pandemic,” she said. Riddoch also stated that factors like financial strain, job loss and cost of living could lead to family violence.

She said that she is starting to see more elderly men requesting EPOs.

“Elder abuse is becoming more of an issue. We’re seeing an increase in situations where an adult child or stepchild is abusing their elderly parent – ​​something that could be the result of the cost of living becoming harder to manage,” said Riddoch.

“So, we’ve been working in tandem with support services for elder abuse victims to try and help get these vulnerable people out of these situations.”

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